Digitalise & Publish

Deploy next generation digital telecom services and get revenues from advertising

Kameleon White Box Switch

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi, Parental Control, Security

Kameleon Wifi+

Wi-Fi Optimisation, Wi-Fi monetisation

Kameleon VPN+

Multi-layer Secure VPN, User/Device/App aware

Data Monetisation, Digital Advertising

Kameleon Digital Video

Free-to-Air TV, SVOD, Aggregation Service

Kameleon IoT Facilities

IoT applied for lighting, heating and security

Kameleon Go

Packaged Offers for Digitalising Small/Medium Businesses


Advertise and reach customers of businesses using ADN Digital Services
  • Advertise on your own premise

    create and publish ads, your one-off ads or last minute deals on your own Kameleon Go

  • Advertise on your business partner's premise

    Create and publish ads on the Kameleon Go of your partners in the vicinity of your premise

  • Advertise on the Kameleon Go network

    Define your ads, campaign and push on the Kameleon Go network

  • Extensive Data Analytics

    Measure the effectiveness of your ads and provide recommendations for tuning your campaigns for optimal benefits


key areas of focus include:

Access Networking

  • Radio access networks (3G, LTE)
  • HFC (DOCSIS, DAA, Remote Phy)
  • Wi-Fi (private, business and community Wi-Fi, meshed networks)

Core Networking

  • SDN (SD WAN, SD Security, SD Wi-Fi)
  • Security (IDS/IPS, Firewall, DPI)
  • IPv4, IPv6 (switching, routing, CDN, IPv6 migration)
  • XaaS (cloud technologies for data centers, networking and OSS/BSS/Apps)

Service Platforms

  • Digital entertainment (RDK2.x, DVB-x platforms, DRM/CAS, metadata)
  • App Development (embedded, JAVA/.NET, web techno, native apps)
  • OTT Platforms: B2B SMB, IoT aggregation
  • Analytics (descriptive and predictive analytics for Wi-Fi/WAN/video/mobile, digital advertising)


  • Fulfilment (Order Management, Provisioning, Activation, Network Config Mgmt)
  • Billing (Collection/Mediation, Billing/Invoicing, Revenue Assurance)
  • Assurance (Network/service monitoring, Trouble Mgmt, Customer Device Mgmt)
  • SDP (Identity Mgmt, Messaging/location/presence, Orchestration)

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